Buy A Bale Contest 2017

Hey.. we mean… HAY….. It’s time for the Buy A Bale Contest!

Ever wonder how much hay our horses eat?

Ever wonder if you could help feed them?

Since November, our riders & volunteers have been working hard raising money for our horses to have hay this winter.  The results are in!
Our winning horse with 268 bales of hay is Prince Caspian!
At the top of the rider division are:
Emma Reed with 204 bales
Lucy Laws with 152 bales
Charlie Shefcik with 38 bales
Lindsay Mace with 34 bales
Ella McGinnis with 31 bales
Carl Heyne with 30 bales
At the top of the volunteer division are:
Sara Patrick with 40 bales
Carol Jerdan with 30 bales
Jillian Hart with 19 bales
Thank you to everyone that raised money for our horses this fall, we’re lucky to have such great families and volunteers that care so much about our wonderful horses.  Even though the contest has ended, you can still buy a bale of hay for your favorite horse to help feed him this winter!
$10 buys a bale, click the button below and tell us who you would like to buy a bale of hay for.

Big Mac = 36


Brian = 17


Caspian = 268


Chai Total = 108

Clyde Total = 54

George Total = 44


Gus Total = 13


Marvel Total = 20

Mikey Total = 13


Oro Total = 67


Sergio Total = 16

Sunny Total = 30


Squirt Total = 53


Zephyr Total = 19


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