Buy A Bale Contest 2019

Thank you for an Amazing Buy A Bale Contest!


Ever wonder how much hay our horses eat?

Can you help us feed them?

Our horses need a lot of hay to feed them through the winter. We need your help! Starting November 1, our riders & volunteers will be working hard to raise money for our horses to have hay this winter.  Thank you for helping to feed our herd!
Here are the prizes for Buy A Bale Contest 2019 Winners!
Rider Contest
1st – 1 hour Private lesson with your instructor
2nd – Pegasus swag bag
3rd – Photo session with your favorite horse
Volunteer Contest
1st – FREE ticket to the Pegasus Gala on 2/22/2020
2nd – Pegasus Swag Bag
3rd – Photo session with your favorite horse
$10 buys a bale, click the button to use paypal below and in the memo section, tell us which horse you are buying hay for.  Cash and checks made out to Pegasus TRA accepted.  You can also use Venmo too!  Look for “PegasusPhilly”.
To be eligible for the contest, all envelopes and Buy a Bale forms need to be turned in to the office by Monday, December 2nd, 2019!

Big Mac Total = 5


Bleu Total = 5


Caspian Total = 452


Chai Total = 26

Clyde Total = 47

John Total = 5


Marvel Total = 8

Mikey Total = 7

Oro Total = 39


Paxton Total = 45

Sergio Total =11

Sunny Total = 71


Squirt Total = 64


Zephyr Total = 22


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