Interested in 4-H?

Pegasus TRA has a ‘horseless’ horse 4-H club!

Interested in ‘4-H for All’ at Pegasus TRA?

‘4-H for All’ at Pegasus TRA meets one time a month on a Saturday from 3- 4:30 pm. Parents are requested to stay on site and often participate with their 4-H’er on various projects or components within the meeting.  Cost to join 4-H for the year is $40, payable to Pegasus TRA.  4-H is open to the community and any school-age child in the area. Parents will need to complete volunteer clearances and additional training to be involved in the 4-H program.  For more information on how to join 4-H, please email


Learn about Horses

Serve our Community

Build Social Skills

Love Horses?  Want to learn more about them?  4-H will spend time learning more about these amazing animals and spend time with our Pegasus therapy horses. No need to own a horse, we’ll teach you by partnering with ours. This is a non-riding 4-H club.

4-H’ers will participate in service projects that support Pegasus as well as our surrounding communities.

4-H for All at Pegasus TRA is an inclusive club where local children can socialize, have fun and be around our amazing Pegasus therapy horses.

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