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$5000 per year or $417.00 per month
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$2500 per year or $209.00 per month
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$1500 per year or $125.00 per month
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Big Mac

Executive Director

Big Mac is a miniature horse who was purchased for our riders, so they may love and groom a horse that does not tower above them. Big Mac is great to introduce to anyone who may be afraid of our larger horses. He also assists in our unmounted Equine Facilitated Learning program with participants who are unable to ambulate while leading. Big Mac is an ambassador for the program and goes to multiple events throughout the year.


Bleu is a miniature horse who is the perfect best friend for Big Mac! With a big heart and an impressively calm manner, Bleu is embracing his life as a therapy horse at Pegasus. He is quick to learn, inquisitive to engage our riders, and has endless amounts of patience being groomed, led and loved on. We are excited for Bleu to join Big Mac as an ambassador for our program.


Chai is a Halflinger who we acquired from a private owner in Connecticut. His previous work in 4-H and other riding programs makes him an excellent addition for our under-saddle riders. Chai’s laid-back personality makes him a great horse for those just starting to ride. Chai is extremely intelligent and participates in clicker-training. He is super friendly and loves to greet everyone!


Clyde is a pony, who is the heart of our program and is often the first pony our clients ever ride. Performing admirably with therapy pads as well as under saddle, he has aided many riders in overcoming their fears and moving on to success in our program. Clyde was also the Inaugural Pennsylvania National Horse Show Therapy Horse of the Year in 2016.


George is a Standardbred who Pegasus adopted from the Standardbred Retirement Foundation. He used to race, but now spends most of his time hanging around the pasture and taking long naps in his stall. His patience and quiet nature have made him excel at therapeutic work and in equine facilitated learning programs. He loves being groomed.


Gus is a Belgian Draft who is one of the longest standing members of our program. As a former member of the Philadelphia Mounted Police, Gus is a strong, dependable horse. He is able to work with our riders in many different capacities due to his stature and gentlemen like qualities. He is a favorite of our Philadelphia Mounted Police and a celebrated member of our herd.


John is a draft cross who came to Pegasus from a barn in New York. His experience in dressage and showing make him a great addition to our program. He exudes the best qualities of a therapeutic horse; he is calm, friendly, steady, and quiet. His trustworthy nature allows our clients to ride with confidence.


Marvel came to us from a local lesson barn. He is reliable, gentle and calm. He prefers to take things slow and easy, which makes him the perfect therapy horse.  Marvel loves the water and his favorite thing to do is splash in the creek on a hot summer day! Marvel has helped his riders compete in several horse shows and assisted his rider to win Reserve Grand Champion at the Devon Horse show in 2018.


Mikey is a Hanoverian who is at Pegasus on a free lease. Coming to us from New Jersey, he has a background showing Grand Prix and dressage. This gentle giant has large, inquisitive ears, a big, welcoming nose to pet, and an even bigger heart that loves attention from his riders.


Oro is a Quarter Horse who is very easy going and mellow. He previously worked at a local school helping students learn basic horsemanship skills. Oro loves to spend his free time roaming our Pegasus pastures with his friends. When he is in the barn, you can count on him to help our new volunteers learn how to groom horses. He is also the perfect gentleman in lessons!

Prince Caspian

Physical TherapistCaspian is an Arab pony cross breed and former show pony. Upon arriving at Pegasus, he transitioned easily into our program and delights in all of the attention he gets from our riders and volunteers. His attractive features and expressive personality make him impossible to resist. He is a favorite of our riders that are starting to ride independently as he is responsive to their requests and is eager to please.


Sergio is a Haflinger and Belgian Cross Breed named in honor of a special rider who passed away. He was purchased for the program and since then has become a key member of the team, working under saddle and in equine-assisted therapy. A sturdy guy with a big personality, he has proven himself to be the ideal therapy horse.


Sunny is a Palomino gelding who comes to us from a reining background. He is an important member of our equine staff and his training makes him a great horse under saddle who is sensitive and responsive to his riders’ cues. Sunny has a bright and inquisitive personality.


Squirt is a pony who was donated to Pegasus by a family that rescues animals. They saved Squirt’s life by purchasing the sickly 3-month-old pony and nursed him back to health. When Squirt turned 3 years old, it was time to find him a job! He is now one of our star ponies for the weekly lesson program. Squirt always looks forward to greeting his riders before and after their lessons.


Zephyr is a Warmblood who is on loan to us. He is a seasoned show horse, competing in dressage, equitation, hunters, and jumpers. His diverse background and training allow our advanced riders to learn upper-level riding skills. Most recently, Zephyr helped his rider win the overall therapeutic riding division grand championship at the 2018 Devon Horse Show.

The Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy’s horse sponsorship program gives you the opportunity to support Pegasus TRA in a very unique way. Our horses are the silent stars of the program. When you choose to sponsor a therapy horse, your generosity will directly contribute to the care and happiness of that special horse. Inside this sponsorship packet, you will find a brief description of Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy, photos and descriptions of our horses, levels of donations, and what your tax-deductible donations will help cover.  We hope one of our extraordinary therapy horses will mean as much to you as they do to us!

Thank you for your support!.

What can you expect when you sponsor a horse?

  • A plaque on your sponsored horse’s stall with your name and sponsorship level
  • A framed photo of your horse (option to come take a picture with your horse)
  • Updates including photos emailed to you about your horse
  • Recognition on our website and social media
  • Annual Pegasus TRA calendar
  • Award presentation opportunity at our annual Pegasus TRA Horse Show
  • Opportunities to visit and spend some time with your new horse friend
  • The undying gratitude of the Pegasus team; humans and horses

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