Buy A Bale Contest 2018

Hey.. we mean… HAY….. It’s time for the Buy A Bale Contest!

Ever wonder how much hay our horses eat?

Ever wonder if you could help feed them?

Our horses need a lot of hay to feed them through the winter. We need your help! Starting in November, our riders & volunteers will be working hard to raise money for our horses to have hay this winter.  Thank you for helping to feed our herd!
$10 buys a bale, click the button below and in the memo section, tell us which horse you are buying hay for.

Big Mac = 7


Bleu = 7


Caspian = 441


Chai Total = 12

Clyde Total = 62

George Total = 39


John Total = 11

Marvel Total = 9

Mikey Total = 12


Oro Total = 42


Sergio Total = 24

Sunny Total = 65


Squirt Total = 50


Zephyr Total = 27


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