Our Horses


Archie is an Arabian cross pony with a big heart and a fun personality. He enjoys being around his new friends and meeting all the Pegasus TRA volunteers and riders.  His laid back nature and gentle disposition have made it a very easy transition to being a therapy horse on our Pegasus TRA equine staff. 

Big Mac

On the smaller side, Big Mac is one of our miniature horses at Pegasus TRA! Big Mac is great to introduce to anyone who may be afraid of our larger horses. His calm and patient demeanor make him an asset for our unmounted Equine Facilitated Learning program. Big Mac is especially helpful for our participants who are unable to easily ambulate when leading a horse.


Bleu is the second miniature horse amongst our herd! Bleu has a big heart, and loves to engage with our program participants. He has endless amounts of patience while teaching both basic and advanced horsemanship skills to our Pegasus volunteers and program participants. We’re excited to have Big Mac and Blue as ambassadors for our program.


Chai is a halflinger pony acquired from a barn in Connecticut. Chai’s previous work in 4-H and other riding programs makes him an excellent addition to our program. Chai’s laid back personality also makes him a great horse for those riders who are just starting. Chai is also a member of our horse show team and has competed at the PA National Horse Show in Harrisburg, PA. In the barn, he loves to greet our staff and volunteers with a “nicker” anytime they pass by.


Clyde, a crossbred pony gelding, is the heart of our program at Pegasus TRA!  Clyde is most often the first pony that many of our clients ever ride. Performing admirably with therapy pads, as well as under saddle, he has aided many riders in overcoming their fears and moving onto success in our program. Clyde was recognized as Therapy Horse of the Year by the PA National Horse Show in 2016 and was even featured in ‘The Chronicle of the Horse’ for his award and contribution to therapeutic riding. of the Horse’ for his award and contribution to therapeutic riding.


Ellie is the new first lady of Pegasus TRA.  She was previously a lesson horse and has fully embraced her new career as a therapy horse.  She is outgoing, curious and fun to ride.  In her free time, she loves being outside and being treated to a luxurious grooming. 


John is a draft cross that arrived to Pegasus TRA  from a barn in New York. His experience in dressage and horse shows make him a great addition to our herd. He exudes the best qualities of a therapeutic horse; he is steady, friendly, calm and quiet. His trustworthy nature allows our clients to ride with confidence.


Marvel hails from a local lesson barn nearby and is one of our most reliable, gentle, and calm horses for our riders. He is a dedicated member of our horse show team and has helped riders qualify to compete at The Devon Horse Show and the PA National Horse Show in Harrisburg, PA. In 2018, Marvel and his rider achieved Reserve Grand Champion overall at The Devon Horse Show! 


Molly, a paint mare, is the newest addition to our barn. She comes to us via free lease and has extensive experience in horse shows. Molly has won an APHA Congress title and is a registered mare. Her sweet temperament and patience makes Molly a unique fit for our Pegasus herd. When she’s not in lessons, Molly enjoys spending time in the shade and grazing in our pastures.


Oro is a quarter horse gelding that previously worked at a local school helping students learn basic horsemanship skills. Oro has a very easy-going demeanor and mellow personality. Oro loves to spend his free time roaming our Pegasus pastures with his friends.  When he is in the barn, you can count on him to help our new volunteers learn how to groom. He also has the reputation of being a perfect gentleman in lessons! In 2018, Oro was recognized as the Reserve Champion Therapy Horse at the TRD Devon Horse Show. He is also a dedicated member of our horse show team.


Paxton is a draft cross gelding. His inquisitive and gentle manner makes him a perfect equine staff member for our therapeutic riding program. Previously trained for eventing, he seems to enjoy the more laid back pace of our Pegasus lesson program. Due to his easy going nature, he easily accommodates our riders in therapy pads. Paxton’s show experience allows him to be an excellent equine partner for our horse show team. 


Sergio is a Haflinger/Belgian crossbred gelding named in honor of a special Pegasus TRA rider. Sergio was purchased for the program and quickly became a key member of our herd. Sergio allows riders to work both under saddle and in equine-assisted therapy. A sturdy guy with a big personality, Sergio has proven to be an ideal therapy horse and rises to meet any challenge.


Sunny is our youngest Palamino gelding and comes to us from a western reining background. Since his arrival at Pegasus, he has become an important member of the equine staff. His training makes him a great under saddle horse who is sensitive and responsive to his riders’ cues. A bright, inquisitive horse, Sunny loves to run around the pastures during his free time.


Squirt is a POA gelding who was donated to Pegasus by a family that frequently rescues animals. They saved Squirt’s life by purchasing the sickly 3-month-old Pony of America and nursing him back to health. When Squirt turned 3 years old, it was time to find him a job! He is now one of our star ponies for the weekly lesson program. Squirt always looks forward to greeting his riders before and after the lessons.


Zephyr is a warmblood who is on loan to us from Rachel Worth. He is a seasoned show horse, competing in dressage, equitation, hunters, and jumpers. He is extremely patient with riders just learning independent riding skills. His diverse background and training allows our advanced riders to learn upper-level riding skills. Zephyr has competed in the TRD Devon Horse Show and has helped our riders to qualify and compete in the Dixon Oval at the Devon Horse Show Grand Champion classes in 2017 and 2018, assisting them to place as overall Grand Champion two years in a row! He is also a vital member of our show team and has helped our riders to compete in the PA National Horse Show in Harrisburg, PA.


Winston is our barn cat with a big personality!  Winston enjoys meeting volunteers and having endless amounts of cat-like fun he gets to have by living in a barn. He is brave, inquisitive and has developed a fan club among riders, staff, and volunteers.  While lessons are not in session, he gets to roam and explore the barn under the watchful eyes of the Pegasus staff.



Barn Cat

The yin to Winston’s yang, Penelope is our youngest “barn” cat. Her favorite place to nap is the windowsill behind Kevin’s desk, but you can find her visiting everyone in the office throughout the day. She’s our resident bug hunter and loves to run around with her older brother, Winston, as she learns the ropes of being a barn cat. 


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