Carol Tatum Memorial Gala

The Carol Tatum Memorial Gala on February 24, 2018

Thanks to all who joined us for our annual fundraising gala to support our riders, horses, and programs. It was a wonderful evening full of good food, terrific company, and an array of tantalizing silent auction and raffle items! We were delighted to celebrate our 2018 gala honorees, Rasheem Davis and Charlotte Fieldcamp, Pegasus riders for 25 years.

We are grateful to our Carol Tatum Memorial Gala sponsors and supporters featured in our 2018 Gala Ad Book. It’s a wonderful collection of inspirational images of our horses and riders and features many generous sponsors and supporters of our Pegasus program.

Get to know our 2018 honorees

Charlotte Fieldcamp, who has Cerebral Palsy and Asperger Syndrome, has been riding at Pegasus for 25 years. When she first began to ride, she had almost no muscle tone — now she has the strength to walk freely. Riding has nurtured her determination, helping her succeed in all aspects of her life, including graduating from college with honors.

Rasheem Davis, who has Cerebral Palsy and an intellectual disability, used a walker when he first began riding 25 years ago. He is now fully ambulatory, an independent rider, and a regular competitor in horse shows. Pegasus has helped improve his balance and posture, and strengthened his self-esteem and will to succeed.

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