Pegasus Therapeutic Riding AcademyShow Results2014 Handicapped Rider Division of the Devon Horse Show at Thorncroft Equestrian Center

May 24, 2014 marked another successful show for Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy, its riders and horses.  This year we were able to take 4 horses, 8 riders, compete in 12 classes against 15 other therapeutic riding programs from our tri-state area.  Our riders rode well, our horses looked great and everyone had amazing attitudes making this one of our most fun Devon horse shows.  Competing in dressage and equitation, we also added a “return” to a very fun class this year as one of our riders, Cecily S. helped to create and show in the costume class.  We posted pictures on Facebook   throughout the day of the show.  If you haven’t see the beautiful pictures of Cecily and Cherokee competing as Greek Goddess, Athena, complete with her gladiator guards, Teresa and Taylor.  Make sure you check them out.  Many thanks to costume designer, Robin Shane, for making such a great costume and helping put Pegasus back on the map for the costume class!Here are the results of our Pegasus Riders in their classes:


  • Cecily S.  Dressage- 7th place, Costume class 4th,
  • Rasheem D. Dressage – 2nd place, Equitation 3rd in equitation
  • Emily E. 5th place, equitation
  • Brianna B 3rd Place, equitation
  • Stacey C. 8th place equitation, 2nd dressage
  • Martina F – 3rd place, equitation
  • Kevin H. – 3rd place dressage, 2nd place equitation
  • Tekla S.. 2nd place equitation, and 8th dressage, Reserve Champion and winner of the Garbisch Trophy for the best equitation score of the day!

Congratulations to our Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy riders in the Handicapped Rider Division of the Devon Horse Show at Thorncroft!  It was a great day of horse showing!  A special thank you to Susanna D. and Doug H. for helping to take pictures of our riders.  A shout out for making our show safe and fun was our special crew of volunteers, Hailey, Kevin, Kim and Rachel.  Special thanks our Pegasus Staff, riders and families for cheering on our Pegasus team. Thanks for a safe and fun 2014 Devon Horse Show!

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