On May 1st, 2016, Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy of Philadelphia held our annual horse show. Open to all our Pegasus riders to participate, it’s a great day for our riders, families & friends.  Our riders get to showcase their riding skills as they compete against fellow riders while being supported by families and friends.  The weather didn’t quite give us a sunny day, but there were many bright, sunny faces that were ready to ride, making it a great day to be at Pegasus!

We were able to live stream the horse show so that riders & families that couldn’t attend could watch our riders ride.  You can view the videos of the show on our Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy Facebook page.  You can view pictures taken throughout the day on our PegasusPhilly Instagram.  We can’t wait to share all the pictures that were taken by one of our volunteers, Rich, once we receive them back.

Here are the class results:

Level 1-Forward Sit Class: Lindsay Mace

Level 2a-Around The World: Nicholas Fernandez

Level 2b-Around The World: Sean Christensen

Level 4a-Assisted Reining Class (walk only): Kylie Walton

Level 4b-Assisted Reining Class (walk only): Sean Lipsey

Level 5a-Reining Class (walk only): Charlie Shefick

Level 5b-Reining Class (walk only): Nicholas Frumento

Level 5c-Reining Class (walk only): Dan Genesio

Level 6-Reining Class (with trot): Riley Stone

Level 7-Under Saddle Class (with trot): Aly Gibbins

Level 8-Dressage: Kevin Hesser

Congratulations to all our riders on a safe, fun Pegasus annual horse show.  A special thank you for:

  • families and friends that came out to support our riders.
  • our amazing volunteers and staff – the first ones to the barn and the last ones to leave!
  • Bob Hesser our show announcer
  • Rich H. for taking such amazing pictures (they will be posted soon!)
  • Our corporate partners Rita’s water ice, Herr’s, Wawa, Giant Market & Dover Saddlery

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