Here are the results from the 2018 Pegasus Annual Horse Show


Class 1 – Forward Sit – Allyson Turner on Sunny

Class 2 – Round-the-World – Cara Gilson on Caspian

Class 4a – Assisted Reining Class (Walk only) – Sara Kane on Squirt

Class 4b – Assisted Reining Class (Walk only) – Shawn Young on Marvel

Class 4c – Assisted Reining Class (Walk Only) – Tea DeFelice on Chai

Class5a– Reining Class (Walk Only) – Karel Kliminik on Sunny

Class 5b – Reining Class (Walk only) – Melissa Endriss on Mikey and Kevin Hesser on George

Class 5c – Reining Class (Walk only) – Kieran McWilliams on Squirt

Class 6a – Reining Class (With trot) – Carl Heyne on Squirt

Class 6b – Reining Class (With trot) – Riley Stone on Zephyr

Class 7a – Under Saddle Class (With trot) – Alex Klimaszewski on Zephyr

Class 7b – Under Saddle Class (With trot) – Emily Estilow on Oro

Class 8 – Under Saddle-Walk/Trot/Canter – Brianna Bevans on Zephyr

Congratulations to Best in Show-  Emily Estilow


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