Congratulations to Savannah Davis, our junior ‘Volunteer of the Month’ for January! She volunteers regularly, often coming in when we need additional volunteers for a lesson, she’s always trying to learn more at Pegasus, loves interacting with our riders and can be counted on to get to Pegasus early and stay late for whatever needs to be done. 
Thank you, Savannah!

Our adult or ‘senior’ (not due to age, because this woman has more energy and youthfulness than almost all of us at Pegasus TRA!)  awesome volunteer of the month for January is Lori Kirk.  We can always count on Lori during lessons to handle horses, exercise ride, and help where ever she is needed in our out of the barn.  We are also extremely grateful to Lori as she is a talented seamstress and helps to repair our the horses’ blankets when they are ripped or need some TLC due to playing outside! 

Thank you again Savannah and Lori for all your service to Pegasus TRA. We’re grateful for all you do for our horses, riders and program.

Interested in volunteering at Pegasus TRA in Philadelphia, PA? Click here for more information

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