First responders are remarkable people. Day in and day out, they work tirelessly to keep the world and its’ citizens safe. Whenever trouble arises, first responders spring into action and work their own brand of selfless magic to save lives. Our police officers and firefighters are extraordinary individuals who one might call a hero. However, their jobs don’t go without stress. First responders often find themselves dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and related mental health issues as a result of heartbreaking things experienced on the job. Dealing with it can be a struggle. It can also be especially stressful on the families and children of first responders.

On Saturday, April 28th, Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy hosted a First Responders Horsin’ Around Day. The event was open to first responders and their families. While music played throughout the arena, food and snacks were served to the attendees. Barn tours were offered so first responders families were able to meet Pegasus’ horses and see life inside of the barn. Horse and pony rides were offered. Children had the opportunity to groom Big Mac and Bleu, the stable’s miniature horses. Craft activities and games were also set up, making for a fun and exciting time for all family members.

First responders give so much to the community, Pegasus is proud to offer an afternoon devoted to to our all our Philadelphia area first responders to relax and have fun at Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy with a Horsin’ Around Day. Pegasus has made it their goal to assist local Police and Fire families by creating equine experiential programming that will help to deal with stress, as well as improve other life skills such as responsibility, respect, communication, and team work. Thank you, first responders everywhere, for all that you do!


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