Do you shop at Whole Foods Market in Jenkintown?

Pegasus Philly

We are partnering with them for Nickels for Non-Profits!

What is Nickels for Non profit?

Nickels for Non-Profits is a community giving program which features a local non-profit for three months. Every time a customer reuses a shopping bag, Whole Foods donates a nickel to the chosen local non-profit. The goal of the program is to reduce their use of new bags while increasing funding for a local non-profit. For the duration of the program there will be a collection box.


How it helps Pegasus: 

It helps Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy because we will be using the donated funds to put towards building and improving our therapeutic riding programs!


You can help us by shopping at Whole Foods Market and bringing your reusable bags, and when checking out, tell Whole Foods that you would like to donate nickels to Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy!



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