Our Annual Horse Show is held rain or shine, so we’re looking forward to seeing all our Pegasus TRA riders, families, friends and volunteers!

Welcome to our annual Pegasus TRA Horse Show!  All our Pegasus riders are invited to compete in our annual horse show. Parents, families and friends – come on out to support our riders!
Thank you to our staff, volunteers and board members for making the horse show day run smoothly.
As our annual horse show is FREE for all our Pegasus Riders to participate in, we are grateful to our horse show sponsors, class sponsors and rider sponsors for supporting our riders and helping us with this wonderful event for our riders at Pegasus TRA.

Here are the horse show class times for our riders:

Rider Number Horse
10:30am – Class 1a
Lindsay Mace 128 Oro
Sean Christiansen 129 John
10:40 am – Class 1b
Lewis Smith 130 Oro
Lauren McKenna 120 John
10:50am – Class 2
Ryan Pownell 110 Cas
Elizabeth Nardi 88 Chai
Ryan Spaeth 112 Oro
Kevin King 123 Clyde
11:10am – Class 3
Brian Dunn 67 Clyde
Cara Gilson 75 Caspian
11:30am – Class 4
Danny Young 86 Sunny
Emma Reed 94 Caspian
Ella McGinnis 92 Chai
Shawn Young 114 John
11:50am – Class 5a
Karel Kilmnik 100 Sunny
Daniel Genesio 85 Sergio
Alana Mcafee 55 Caspian
Tea DeFelice 131 Chai
12:10pm – Class 5b
Hodi Ben-Samuel 98 Oro
Lucy Laws 103 Caspian
Maison Anthony 104 Sergio
London Mouaci 102 Squirt
1:00pm – Class 6a
Max Hershman 106 Tango
Keith Howe 101 Marvel
Bryce Manwarren 70 Sunny
Nate Budenheimer 116 Oro
1:20pm – Class 6b
Angel Cook 60 Marvel
Fiona O’Rourke 95 Oro
Theo Lehman 115 Sunny
Kieran McWilliams 132 Squirt
1:40pm – Class 6c
Gigi Rehfuss 97 Marvel
Sara Kane 113 Squirt
Asa Tankersly 61 Chai
2:00pm – Class 7a
Alia Tyson 57 Squirt
Jac Alyanakian 99 Tango
Cecily Shandell 78 Marvel
2:20pm – Class 7b
Carl Heyne 77 Squirt
Brendan Budd 62 Zephyr
Charlotte Fieldcamp 84 Marvel
Charlie Shefick 81 Tango
2:40pm – Class 8
Brianna Bevans 69 Zephyr
Emily Estillow 93 Oro
3:00pm – Class 9a
Carl Heyne 77 Squirt
Brendan Budd 62 Tango
Cecily Shandell 78 Marvel
3:20pm – Class 9b
Jac Alyanakian 99 Tango
Emily Estillow 93 Zephyr
Charlie Shefick 81 Tango
Brianna Bevans 69 Zephyr

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