Jan 30 2016 Paula A. Gibbins

Pegasus has been, in my daughter’s words, “an amazing experience”! Aly is 15 yrs old and has been with Pegasus for the past 2 years. In those 2 short years, I have watched my child blossom! Her posture has improved and she sits tall and straight in her saddle. Her energy level and her social skills have both greatly improved. once a shy teenager who was afraid to express her thoughts and share her opinions, Aly has changed. It is under the watchful eye of her wonderful instructor, Theresa, that my daughter has transformed. Today, she is a more confident and strong young woman. Her strength  and determination continues to grow. She is driven to be the best she can be. She has formed a strong bond with her Pegasus family! Haley, also an instructor, has been incredibly important to Aly. These two beautiful, strong, young women have guided her on this journey. Their friendship and care mean the world to Aly. They let Aly be Aly! It is not unusual to hear giggling and laughter coming from the three of them. Of course, always AFTER the lesson! With Theresa, it is business first! 

Aly was born with arthrogryposis. It is very rare and involves one or more joint contractures. In Aly’s case, these were both feet. When she was born, her feet and ankles were turned inward toward her inner thighs. Her castings began at 3 days old. She has had multiple corrective surgeries, countless castings, and endless physical therapy sessions. She has endured hours of brace fittings, brace adjustments, and brace re-adjustments. But even mire painful Aly endured seeing other, including her brothers, play the sports she wanted so badly to play but could not. Enter Pegasus…

My incredible, beautiful daughter continues to thrive at Pegasus. She has competed and even won at some local horse shows. It is because of Theresa and Haley and all the Pegasus family that Aly has emerged more confident and determined to set goals and work towards reaching them, both in and out of the horse arena.

Special thanks to Theresa and Haley! I couldn’t ask for better role models for my daughter. These beautiful, strong, gifted and caring women make it all possible! I know when Aly’s ride has been less than perfect, they are there to see her (and me) through.

Special thanks to Marvel! This gentle, beautiful horse carries my child on his back every week. He responds to her movements and commands. He is an old soul with an enormous heart!

Special thanks to Barb and the staff at Pegasus. These wonderful people make it all possible. Interesting and diverse, these incredible people work to provide children like Aly a place to be themselves. Pegasus provides, in Aly’s words, “an amazing experience”! 

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